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Last Update:
March 16, 2015


4.0 and up

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forget-me-not is a new mobile messaging service. It has no message history. The implications of this are that you don't have to worry about old embarrassing conversations or risk your friends reading about the secret party you're planning. Only the last previously sent message is stored on the sender's and recipient's phone as well as the server.

With forget-me-not, you don’t have to remember to consciously delete a message in order to forget about it.

Why should you use forget-me-not?

- FREE: forget-me-not is a completely free messaging application. No upfront cost, no yearly charges. Send as many messages as you want with as many people as you want--totally free!

- CONTROL: You are the master of your fate. Any message you send can be deleted from the recipient's phone as easily as it can be sent. It is also deleted from our servers, leaving no trace of ever having existed.

- PRIVACY: Users don't search for other people to message. Just like with a phone number, people can only communicate with you if they know your username.

- SECURITY: With a username and password login, you can be sure that only you can ever log in to your account.

- ANONYMITY: Choose the username that suits you.

The app was developed as a computer science student project at University of Glasgow. For more information:


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