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October 14, 2017


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You want to have a Famosa look, with those XL tabs, but you do not know how to get them. They occasionally use eyelash extensions, good allies to get an unparalleled look that dazzles. This is the occasion to learn the best tricks, here you will find the speeches and videos step by step how to put false eyelashes and solve your thousand and one questions. Here you will solve all those doubts so that you can take advantage of them. That's why, here you will learn everything you need to know to show off a natural and resplendent look.

Forget the mask of eyelashes and learn to put on false eyelashes. All kinds of models false eyelashes, acrylic or natural extensions that are placed one by one, improving the thickness and length of our eyelashes and achieving a special look and a hundred percent natural, which highlights the appeal of our eyes.

Armed with patience and animate, put each false eyelash pasted on each of ours.
The false eyelashes change and enhance your look know below the different types of eyelashes you can use:

Eyelash patches

Eyelash extensions

Types of False Eyelashes

Permanent extensions

Individual tabs

false eyelashes

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Eyelash Extensions
You want to have a look of Famosa, with those eyelashes XL, Impressive Look


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