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October 25, 2017


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Hi, I´m Rukie. I´m a free mobile app and I´m connecting people looking for help in the garden, at a cottage or anywhere else, and people with skilled hands who can help and want to make some money.

How does it work?
- Sign up and create a demand (you can also add photos)
- I will automatically send your demand to skillful people nearby
- Craftsmen will approach you themselves through our chat. You don´t have to look for anybody yourself.
- The choice of a craftsman with the date and price is only up to you.
- Prior to the agreed date, we will notify you to be there
- Don´t forget to rate your craftsman

Our tip: If you decide to help anybody yourself, simply activate your craftsman account

How to earn money?
- Sign up and activate your craftsman account
- Add a photo and something about yourself (introduce yourself to future customers)
- Select from the offered professions or services. Didn´t you find yours? Simply add it to my list.
- Enter your address and radius (in km) in which you can attend to the customers.
- Starting now I will automatically notify you of all the interesting demands in your neighbourhood. Gaining new customers has never been easier.
- If any demand interests you, simply express your interest in the chat.
- Offer a solution, agree on a date and propose a price.
- Prior to the agreed date, I will send you a notification, so you don´t miss it
- Don´t forget to rate your customer.

Our tip: If you need any help for a change, simply crate a demand as a customer.

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