US Sniper Fury Assassin Shooter 3D Killer FPS Game

Last Update:
November 28, 2017


2.3 and up

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#1 Ultimate US Sniper Fury Assassin Shooting War Games FPS 2018!

AIM and SHOOT! Download now for FREE one of the best fps shooting games.

Alpha, Bravo Charlie

Aim, Shoot & Kill!

#1 first person shooter game that will blown you away!

You play as a sniper assassin STORM the barracks , Kill the Military Leader.


* Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animations
* HUNDREDS of thrilling MISSIONS
* Tons of letal GUNS and mortal WEAPONS
* ADDICTING gameplay (FPS)
* EASY and INTUITIVE controls
* FREE game: play it both on your phone and tablet
* Exciting car thief simulator.
* New map and quests!
* Best guns and ammunition.
* Reworked tank and helicopter.

There is only chaos in Vice City:

- All people were infected, a zombie virus is walking around the city.
- Weapons are needed now only to kill the infected.
- Money has long been not the most important currency, ammunition - that's what you need.

This surgical counter combat strike mission game will give you ultimate survival zombie shooting fun which no other extreme sniper commando shooting game ever gave you. In this anti-terrorist army force shooting game you have to kill enemy in a wonderful counter terrorist gun fire mission shoot spider Battle environment.

The game is about counter terrorist missions, counter strike on enemies to destroy enemies and kill all terrorist through counter attack with rapid shooting machine guns, hand grenades and other weapons.As a swat commando, counter terrorist shooter with a soldier support in combat strike action against terrorist during the anti-terrorist operation, your job is to protect the city, and counter attack and shoot all the terrorist to dead brutally. counters strike counter terrorist missions in go cases counter-strike cases cs and ca operations.

Sniper Shooter Killer 3D War Game back extreme and challenging open world missions back to your mobile devices. It packs a superb third person shooter game with great graphics and awesome gameplay.

Explore the gang war filled city of San Andreas and complete daring missions. Roam around the whole city finding and destroying enemies with a wide choice of cool and exclusive missions.

The army provides you with all types of powerful and advanced weapons and equipment to make you best against special counter terrorist forces. You will be an elite sniper in next levels but shooting in different hurdles and terrible hindrance points, you identify the target, quickly destroy the enemy.

A very fascinating 3D FPS Gangster Shooting Game, Real Battle Scenes, Super Firepower, enjoy the thrill of shooting down enemy & their aircrafts.
Eliminate the mafia from the streets of city. Become the best shooter of the town.

Pull the trigger and eliminate the terrorists from your territory. Kill all the evil forces in the region and spread your name in the area. Become the Elite Sniper Shooter of the town. Kill all the Contract Killers and get your self at top like a Boss. Become a Frontline Boss Sniper Contractor.

Aim The Target & Take Best HEADSHOT!

Choose The Best & Classic Weapons Like:

* M82 Barrett. 50 Cal.
* CheyTac M200.408.
'8* L115A3 AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum).
* Mosin-Nagant (Russian).
* Dragunov SVD (Soviet Union).
* PSG1 (German).
* M21 Sniper Weapon System (SWS).
* AS50 (British).
* SR-25 (American).
* L42 Enfield (British).
* AK-47.
* Kalashnikov.
* M14.
* M24.
* M25.
* M40.
* Deagle.
* M4A1.
* AWP.
* AW50.
* AS50.
* Bomb.
* Barrett.

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