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January 16, 2018


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I love my dear ones very much. I cannot stay without them for a single second, after knowing this that Human Trafficking is increasing by 84% and it is a third largest organized crime. I am really very much worried about the security.
But with the help of "MY CHILD" App I am very much comfortable. Now I remain 24 X 7 with them.

Useful for: (All are live facility)
1. Working women those who are going outside from house may remain in touch with their family members.
2. Students those who are going for tuitions to extracurricular activity they may remain in touch with their parents.
3. Boys and girls those are going outside with their friends for picnic, day outing or any means they may remain in touch with their parents.
4. Husband wife can be remaining 24x 7 with live status for the security reason.
5. Students those who are going out station for their study can remain 24x7 with their parents for the security reason.
6. Old parents going for morning walk or out station can remain in touch with their children’s.
7. Extraordinary personality person can be remaining in touch with their guardians for the reason of security.
8. Any office can be remaining in touch with their staff for their security reason.
9. Many more combination can be work out as per the desired requirement.

Do You Know?
As per the statistics of the government – in every eight minutes a child goes missing in our country.
Human trafficking in India has reached a crisis level. A prominent headline in The Hindu (First week of june 2016) declared ”An unsavory fact: India tops global slavery index.” A U.S. State Department report estimates that up to 65 million people were trafficked into forced labor, both into and within India. More recently, research reveals that India has the highest number of people trapped in modern slavery, with over 18 million people enslaved. This is five times more than any other country in the world. Meanwhile, according to Indian government data, there were just 5,500 cases of human trafficking reported in India in 2014. This clearly reveals that, despite efforts by the government and civil society groups to gather data on trafficking, there is still no conclusive data available, either official or unofficial, that accurately captures and documents the extent to which human trafficking takes place in the region.
that human trafficking is the third largest organized crime after drugs and the arms trade across the globe. According to the definition of the United Nations – “trafficking is any activity leading to recruitment, transportation, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of threat or use of force or a position of vulnerability”. Close to 80% of the human trafficking across the world is done for sexual exploitation and the rest is for bonded labor and India is considered as the hub of this crime in Asia. As per the statistics of the government – in every eight minutes a child goes missing in our country. In 2011 about 35,000 children were reported missing and more than 11,000 out of these were from West Bengal. Further, it is assumed that only 30% of the total cases are reported, so the actual number is pretty high.
In that connection, we “Prandharin trust” has developed a unique Portal “MY CHILD” which is fully incorporated with GPS and latest available technology which will help to track every registered user in India. “My child “is not only related to biological parents it will also associate with children of the “Nation”, and that is “INDIA”.

This initiative step is taken with this perception that India’s all coming generation and present generation will get the benefit of it and parents and administration of any state will have the satisfaction of safety and track of loving one of any family member. We have maintained every body’s self-freedom, and that was protected by sufficient level of the family hierarchy.


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