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How to get rid of dark circles under the eye are a common concern of many people. They appear to be more common in individuals who have darker skin, hair, and eyes. In addition, ethnicity and genetics may play a role. Allergic individuals and those who frequently rub their eyes are likewise predisposed to this complaint.

There may be one or many factors responsible for darkening under the eyes. We have discussed many in the app and provide you home remedies to remove dark circles. In persons who have deep set eyes, there may be apparent darkening because of shadowing. As light comes from above and is shielded by the upper brow, it casts a shadow on the lower lid giving the appearance of darkness.

In this app, we discuss how to:

* Remove dark circles with the help of various home remedies
example: Using honey , Using cucumber etc
* what are the causes of dark circles
* What kind of food you need to take to get rid of dark circles.

Secondly, the lower eyelid skin is quite thin allowing blood vessels under the surface to be seen also imparting a lower lid discoloration. Lastly, true excess pigmentation as a result of skin irritation from dermatitis, rubbing, or other skin irritation
may be a factor.
Treatment depends upon which factor or factors appear to be most responsible. If this is a shadowing affect, applying a light colored concealer will reflect light giving the illusion of less darkening.

Features of our app:
* Updated regularly
* Users will be able to know exactly how to remove dark circles fast and easy
* Users can subscribe and get free tips to their mailbox daily
And much more

If the discoloration is the result of blood vessels showing through thin skin, either a laser can be used to reduce the appearance of blood vessels and/or filler injected underneath the skin to hide the blood vessels resulting in improvement. Lastly, if the discoloration is the result of excess pigment, treating with bleaching creams, chemical peels, and lasers may be effective.

Often times, the discoloration if the result of multiple factors requiring several different approaches to obtain optimum results. So what are you waiting for? Install the app and enjoy dark circles free eyes.


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