Chocolate Cheese Cake Factory: Bakery Shop Cooking

Last Update:
November 10, 2017


2.3 and up

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After the success of wedding party cake factory and birthday cake factory Kids Fun Studio presents you the new and exciting adventure of chocolate cheese cake factory. A new addition of food factory games with a lot of baking and cooking activities in bakery kitchen. Now play this chocolate cheese cake factory game and enjoy real simulator of cupcake baker from making ingredients to cakes toppings, decoration and designing.

Chocolate cheese cake factory is real simulator of making and baking the most delicious and tasty dessert in factory environment. Little boys and girls love to eat cheese cake and chocolate cupcake with awesome creamy topping and candies on it. Sweet dessert lovers! A cake factory empire is opening in your town and they are popular for their sweet desserts like donut, cupcakes, muffin and party cakes. World class chef join the wedding cake factory cooks and improve your baker and maker skills. Don't scramble while cooking in the kitchen and dash it to complete food maker process.

Making and baking cheese and chocolate cake is very challenging task. So, Star cuisine maker first make the mixture ready. Use flour, brown sugar, baking powder, eggs and honey in mixture. Mix all ingredients well to make perfect mixture. Now pour the mixture in different shapes like heart, circle and square and put it in the kitchen's oven for cookery. Tycoon empire chef! Dash while making dessert because time management is top priority. Take out the baked cake dough in time for preparing best carnival cake in the world.

Now it's time for chocolate and cheese cake toppings and decoration. Use your cooking empire skills to design and decorate the cakes in amazing ways. Use wide variety of cream, cheese and other icing for decorating and designing the wonderful makeup rainbow cakes. Makeup and makeover cake with rainbow colors and makeup kits. Now pour sprinkles and candies on the muffins. Cupcakes are ready to serve to carnival client. Deliver the cakes to bakery shop, supermarket bakeries and stores.

This chocolate cheese cake factory is fun for foodie who likes to enjoy real life cookery simulator. Bake cakes for birthday, wedding, anniversary and other events with learning and entertaining creative activities. Now download this wedding chocolate cake game and have awesome food tycoon time.


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