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January 22, 2018


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Due to good response for the last year app , we decide to do the same kind of app for everyone .

Chinese new year is the most important day for china people . Normally chinese will celebrate this lunar new year about half month. From new year eve to Chap Goh Mei or day number 15th (元宵)。

Every Chinese new year is follow the circle of animal zodiac and this 2018 is Dog year (狗年) 。 Every 12 year is completion the one cycle. So Chinese new year will follow the typical year to design their greeting card according the year zodiac.
In this special Chinese new year app, we have put in the 12 animal zodiac fortune for the year, the fortune animal for the year of Rat, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig.We have put in as well the Chinese new year beautiful greeting card .
We have put in this happy new year app in Chinese version . It was easy for the Chinese friend easy to use and read.
We even include the happy new year message in Chinese version too. So, user is just copy and paste the text attached with the greeting card send to their friend .

In this Chinese new year app we also put in the camera function so that you can make your own photo .
If you find the app is good for you , please do share the happy new year app to your friend in Chinese version and kindly give us a rate .
Happy Chinese new year to all the friend in the world !!!!!


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