Super Hammer Hero: Justice Squad City League War

Last Update:
November 27, 2017


2.3 and up

Rated 4.4 stars out of five stars




Welcome to the survival battleground of last battle with your unknown strong hammer fighting and with their thunder hammer survivor powers. You can use the fps rope jump and kick powers to throw the hurdles in your way and tell everyone who’s the super hero of superhero fighting battleground in road of survival.

This action game for free is full of thrill royale battleground and survivor fighting. So thunder real superhero is ready to rules the survival & save the city from the sniper enemy of world with flash speed. In this world war of battleground, the fortnite legend of super thunder has incredible hero & flash speed super monster powers to destroy the gangster’s gangland in rules survival superhero fierce battleground. It’s a last battle of royale against the incredible super monster bulks by using free flying mutant & super blast tactics and techniques. Real unknown superhero battleground strongly need a crossfire of hammer legend in order to bring the change in vast arena of battleground survival where the strike of fierce battle gangster shooters are on their peak. Control the incredible superhero fighting battle with vast superhero survival with your storm hammer powers in the survival game.

Save the acquitted civilians as an fps rope super hero with the target of super jumps, kicks and other freedom of war tactics. Here you have many world war mission in city of battleground so don’t miss any chance to eradicate the superhero monster and incredible super monster bulks. Keep in concerning with royal unknown fighter in last battle of survival game. So rule your city in peace way and let the unknown enemies knows who the super hero in gangster strike action game for free.

Enjoy the freedom of war with crisis fighting action of world. This action battleground game is developed for the incredible superhero fighting lovers. In this game of survival, you have to complete all the given missions with incredible superhero thunder storm hammer. Feel pleasure during playing war super hero missions with your favorite thunder legend.


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