Christmas Santa Survival: Winter Mission 2018

Last Update:
January 8, 2018


2.3 and up

Rated 4.1 stars out of five stars




Cold winter is here, so enjoy this superhero online game fortnite mission in your city for battleground survival. You needs to future fight for staying alive in free action firing squad game for battleground. So join the battleground survival of valor arena with your incredible hero tactics fighter for great vast escape in flash speed game. In this superhero online arena game, explore the road to survival for your legendary city arena. Defeat still alive spreading enemies in marvelous arena of future fight.

It’s your duty of battleground survival pro to lead the other unarmed players of royale like amazing spider, incredible hero monster & other bulk superhero for freedom of war. Complete mobile battle legend & compete survival pro rivals of war before they use their valor hero commando equipment on civilian. You have to accept the role of warrior Santa fighter in battleground & stop rivals of war. Just lead your hero super simulator team & make the city peace. So don’t let anyone escape and standing like a last super man against sniper gangsters and let know everyone who’s the super incredible hero of free world war 2.

It’s time to show your legendary force fighter powers for your valor survival in unknown fortnite battleground. Use your superkicks, magical waves, earthquake & snow throwing powers. Though, fight along with superhero squad for the justice in fortnite road to survival. So start strike mission against the world war enemy in game of survival. In this monster fps mobile flash game, it’s your duty of battleground to protect your city form sniper gangster shooting who ruin the peace of grand world.

You are in world war 2 situation, demands you to rescue the unknown battleground civilian because it’s your duty as flash super Santa hero to provide the justice to free world. Just fight for your survival in last battle for great rules escape.

• Open world 3D winter environment.
• Magical powers with superhero squad.
• Multiple Santa survival mission.
• Intuitive & smooth control that allow you to navigate the city.
• Realistic sounds effect with amazing animation.


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