Garden Maker Farming Simulator: Farmer Gardening

Last Update:
October 30, 2017


2.3 and up

Rated 4.2 stars out of five stars




Little gardener! Welcome to my dream hanging orchard game specially made for your interest in garden maker farming simulator. Plants & tree gardening games to train new gardener & field farmer to build their own little ripe fruit & vegetable sky garden and flower house in their family yards garden. As a farm manager, prepare your house backyard by plowing, seeding, sowing & planting quality fruits seeds and water them regularly until you got tasty & delicious fruits from it for selling to nearest flower shop. Its Halloween day & harvest season so let's plough\ plow the farmland & plant pumpkin for the upcoming festival in garden maker farming simulator game. Make your home a farm in paradise by decorating a happy orchard with your outdoor decor skills in adventure farming sim.

Expert decorator! Your designing task is to plant maximum seeds on limited farmland area with free landscape design along with eastern garden in this crop farmer simulation game. Your rose & tulips flower quest is to make use of big garden harvest land by giving it a house makeover for modern farmer spring games. Your tasty & juicy fruits like apple, banana, mango & oranges and fresh vegetables like potato, cucumber & eggplants can attract many customers from the town for the success of garden maker farming simulator. Many outdoor sunflowers & rose flowers are giving your dream home a fairy kingdom & virtual garden view. Prepare farmstead land for animals eating hay & seeds plantation with the help of gardening tools & lawn mower in free casual and farmer games.

As a crazy orchard designer& ranch builder of urban city, give your space a much needed home makeover by flowering sky garden for this farm field simulation game full of adventure & entertainment. Be a plant queen, a skillful decorer, decorated yarn builder in best girl games. Apply the green thumb rule in the veggie garden center of your lawn in the harvester plant simulation. Complete the gardening decor & restoration process in limited amount of time so that seed sowing can be done at the start of plantation season. Prepare the lawn for crop seeds planting and water them properly until sunflower & rose flowers from plants bloom. Use fertilizers & insects and bugs control medicine to make the plant grown completely & take out fresh, juicy fruits from the trees in garden maker farming simulator.

Game Play Features:

- Prepare backyard for seeds by plowing, sowing, planting, watering & harvesting
- Take care of plants and water them after land plowing
- Fun horticultural activities for boys & girls playing farm sim
- Pluck fruits & vegetables in baskets to super store
- Earn cash by selling fruits & vegetables in super market shops

Download garden maker farming simulator game today & be the best field gardener of the rural village & big city.


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