Baby Log + Stash Tracking

Last Update:
March 11, 2018


4.4 and up

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Baby Log answers the big questions.
* How long will I need to pump?
* How much milk do I need to store?
* Is my baby eating enough today?
No math required!

Baby Log is an extremely easy to use app for moms to track their milk output and stash. It was created for all mothers, whether they exclusively pump, nurse, use formula, or just want a way to track what's in their freezer. Includes cloud storage, device synchronization, and account sharing.

* Informative charts
* Supports multiple children
* Supports supplementation and estimated costs
* Provides statistics on pumping sessions and the amount of food your baby eats
* Daily feedback regarding number of days left for you to pump
* Notification Reminders
* Appointment Scheduler
* Nursing Log
* Diaper Log
* Count up Timers with alarms in your notification bar
* Allows you to turn off features you don't use, so if you only want to track stash or only want to track feeding you can do that!

The developer will make every effort to fix bugs immediately and add new features as they are requested. Please email with any and all feedback! Thank you!


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