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June 22, 2017


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Anti Porn Browser can blocks access to porn websites, We are really anti-porn browser for android. Don't hesitate to DOWNLOAD
The best way to surf online without being disturbed by porn websites and adult apps
We allow you to protect your children against the danger of pornografia..
We have blocked millions of porn pages and porn app lists we are working to secure it more.
Google Safe Search automatically turns on !
App Lock build-in can be used to lock unsafe apps.

No more access to all major xxx websites that include xxx videos and sex photos.
We are the best Content Filter Web Browser.
You can give your cellphone or tablet to all the members of your family and keep your mind relax.

Porn is dangerous, please get away from it with our application. We constantly update the list of porn websites that are created on internet.
We can't block 100% of sexual content but 99%.

Anti Porno Browser has the following features:

★ Anti Porn, Anti Adult content website
★ Anti Abused Drugs including Marijuana
★ Anti online game to block the popular game related website
★ Anti Violation, gambling or gun related website or forums
★ Anti social networking to block popular website like and
★ Anti spyware and virus web site
★ Anti anonymous proxy web site to bypass firewall or parental control software
★ Anti spam web site used to sending most of the spam email in the internet
★ Anti porn for android client
★ Anti por n broser and antiporn app
★ antiporn android browser apk
★ block porno and antporn
★ porn website and porn apk list from offical site
★ antiporn video download and anitporn sex images

Don't hesitate to send us an email if you find a website that wasn't blocked by our system.

With Anti Porno it's really simple, no setup, just enjoy the web.


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