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November 3, 2017


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Larry C. Wright opened Wright Cremation & Funeral Service in December 2015 with a desire to help High Point families at one of the hardest times in their life. His honest service and commitment to excellence have served local families well for nearly forty years. Larry's goal in establishing Wright Cremation & Funeral Service is to bring local, affordable and “back to the basics” funeral service to the community. Corporate non-local funeral homes in High Point and surrounding areas have lost their way, providing unnecessary products and services at astronomical prices. This is not the meaning of service and in most cases, not in the best interest of a grieving family. Honoring your loved one with a dignified funeral or memorial service can be achieved at an affordable price at Wright.

Along with his son, Bradley E. Wright, they will guide you through the many service options available. Wright Cremation & Funeral service is truly a locally family owned and operated funeral service firm.

You are welcome to call Larry or Brad at any time of the day or week for immediate assistance, to preplan or to transfer your existing prearrangements from another funeral provider.

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