Ball Drop Game - Fun Bricks Breaker & Shooter

Last Update:
December 10, 2017

4.1 and up

Rated 4.7 stars out of five stars




Warning: Once you start playing, you won't be able to put the game down!

Ball Drop is a fun and hyper-casual endless game with very easy controls. Simply tap and drop the balls. That's it! Simple to play and extremely addictive.

You can play it anywhere: on the bus, at work(oops), while waiting for some one or even at the dinner table(at the risk of being anti-social).

The game has a turn-based mechanism. An additional row of bricks is generated after every turn. Aim is to make sure the blocks don’t cross the border. The level of bricks increases after every turn.

Key is to drop the ball at the right angle. There is a high amount of strategy involved. It's very easy to play but hard to get high scores. There are multiple upgrades to help you out.

Game Features:
- Tap and shoot the balls. It's easy. No need to swipe. Hit as many bricks as possible by tapping at the right time. Release the ball and watch them jumping around everywhere and breaking blocks. It's a sight that gives guaranteed satisfaction. Gravity takes control :-).
- Coins multiplier: Shooting more bricks means you get a higher coins multiplier and thus more coins. Use this to buy upgrades.
- Upgrade the number of balls: Initially you will just start with one ball. Soon you will be able to increase this and drop many balls every turn.
- Upgrade the subtractor: Initially, every hit only reduces one number from the blocks. But you can increase this by improving your bubble shooter (the pendulum), and the number subtracted will increase, helping you to clear the board faster.
- Many different balls to unlock. We have smileys, fidget spinners, basketballs, tennis balls, and many others in our inventory.
- Classic brick-breaker mechanism. Pop the bubbles and get the ultimate satisfaction.
- Amazing stress-buster.
- Idle gameplay.
- Compete for high scores vs friends. Remember, the more you play, the more you can upgrade and the higher points you will get.

Be a Baller. Play and unwind!


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