Lightweight Steel Frame Design

Last Update:
November 10, 2017


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There are some advantages and disadvantages when we use lightweight steel construction compared to wood.

In terms of excess, roof construction made of mild steel is likely to be stronger and cheaper. Because it is made of light material, it will not overload the roof of the house. Unlike when we use wooden frames, weights tend to be heavy, and of course it weighs a little on the roof. While in terms of installation, lightweight steel construction is fast to install. Light steel is also resistant to fire, so it will not trigger a fire, nor will it spread the word. Another plus, because it is made of steel, it will not be eaten by termites, different when we use wooden frames, which of course must be replaced for a certain period of time, and also often eaten by termites.

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While in terms of deficiencies, the roof truss of this steel, a bar, which we must count well, if one counts, then the roof truss will be hollow, or not perfectly closed. How to use this steel frame also requires someone who is expert in installing a steel frame, if it is wrong, then the frame will not survive properly.


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