Drowsy Driving Alert

Last Update:
November 16, 2017


4.0.3 and up

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This app is based on a driver's face detection that is previewed by driver's mobile phone camera. When the driver's face being detected, this App. continuously monitors the driver’s eyelids, cheeks, lips, and head movements. The tracked face is marked by the shape of rectangle, and the eyes are displayed on the screen via a color filled circles. If the eyelids of the driver are kept closing for a certain period of time, App. consider the driver is now in drowsy driving and make some alarm signal to wake driver up with display, sounds, vibration method. The alert sounds can be made by the rington and the stored media files playing also two combinations can be used. If a Bluetooth earpiece is paired, system will send alarm sound to Bluetooth earpiece. If the user uses the Bluetooth band having HR measurement functionality, the HRV data also will be used for detecting driver’s drowsiness. Band’s vibration feature can be effect warning method. As an alert displaying a rooster will pop-up with a warning message. The driver's head movement is continuously monitored during the face tracking. The head movement information has been made available to allow hands-free viewing of other information on mobile phone devices. When the driver's head is tilting to the right, the current battery information is displayed on the screen and left side tilting will display the current time with clock icon. Also the driver’s laugh will be used to turn the device’s brightness down and up without any screen touch.

As you can see in the picture, you can install your device on left or right side wherever you want but your device\'s front camera has to be faced driver\'s frontal face as possible as. Around an arm length from your face will be a good distance to install your device.

Camera previewed your face have to be aligned in the center of your device\'s display. At the picture, the rectangle 2 will be a good size. Also please don\'t let the rectangle to be smaller than rectangle 1.

Alert sound output configuration, ringtone, media playing, bluetooth earpiece can be used and also the combination of these is possible.

The threshold values for regarding closed eyes. A larger value will increase the sensitivity of alert operation.

The threshold for the duration of eyes closing. A smaller value will increase the alert sensitivity.

Select a bluetooth device for alerting. The bluetooth band for HRV monitoring and vibration is currently not support.

Trying to connect with a bluetooth band having the HRV(Heart Rate Variability) monitoring and vibration functionality.

If the bluetooth band has HR capability, this value means the HRV(Heart Rate Valiablity) which can be used for drowsiness detection also.

This will show you currently measured closed eyes index value.

Face smile index value. Whenever you are smiling, you can see the value increasing.

This value means that your head is being tilted right or left side in Z-axis.

If your eyes turn below the set values, alarm will sound. Also the rooster logo comes out like below.

If you want to see your device\'s battery status, tilt your head right side.

Left side head tilting will show you the current local time.

You can dim out the device\'s screen brightness significantly with your big smiling.

This App. is not a absolute solution for alerting drowsiness. Please use as a auxiliary unit. While this App. is running, power consuming hardware resources are used. Please check the charging cable connection at using.

The drowsiness detection possibility is strongly depending on the camera exposure status. In the low-light environment, a clip-on LED light will be a helpful thing for your face detection.

Next version come with HRV functionality will be released. This means that drowsiness detection will be more accurate with a band having HR measuring feature like Xiaomi Mi-Band. Also the band vibration functionality is a good method to prevent the drowsy driving.


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